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Tallinn ist die Hauptstadt von Estland. Sie liegt am Finnischen Meerbusen der Ostsee, etwa 80 km südlich von Helsinki.

In addition to longtime functions as seaport and capital city, Tallinn has seen development of an information technology sector in recent years; The New York Times characterized Estonia as "a sort of Silicon Valley on the Baltic Sea". Skype is one of the best-known of several Tallinn IT start-ups, and a first venture capital firm was founded in 2005. Despite this, the most important economic sectors of Tallinn are the light, textile, and food industry, as well as the service and government sector. Tallinn has both traditional and new branches of industry. Some of the machine building, metal processing, textile, food and furniture industries date back more than a hundred years and their production lines continue to be competitive abroad. Electronics and apparatus plants represent the new industrial generation, strongly oriented to exports. Tallinn houses such leading industrial companies as ABB Eesti and Elcoteq Tallinn, which provide outsourcing services for high-tech electronics components for such world-class international companies. Norma manufactures one of the best-known Estonian consumer goods - car safety belts - for General Motors and several Russian car manufacturers. Successful companies also include the Baltic Ship Repairers and the well-known Tallinn companies of Liviko.
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